Canon MP970 Anleitung Für Quick Setup (en)

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Easy Setup Instructions
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Unpack the Machine
Please confirm the included items against the illustration printed on the lid of the packing box.
A USB cable is necessary to connect the machine with your computer.
  Prepare the Machine
Before turning on the machine, remove all the orange shipping 
 Unlock the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
(1)  Open the Document Cover.
(2)  Move the Scanner Lock Switch towards the release mark to 
unlock the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
Scanning Unit 
(Printer Cover)
Make sure to unlock the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) before 
turning on the machine.
Before transporting the machine, always lock the Scanning 
Unit (Printer Cover) by moving the Scanner Lock Switch 
towards the lock mark.
 Plug the power cord in the back of the machine 
and connect the other end to the wall outlet. 
Next, open the Sheet Feeder Cover, pull out the 
Paper Support and the Extension, then open the 
Paper Output Tray and the Extension.
Document Cover
Paper Support
Sheet Feeder 
Paper Output Tray
Make sure that the Document Cover is closed.
Do NOT connect the USB cable at this stage.
 Open the Operation Panel, then press the 
OFF button to turn on the machine.
The machine will initialize. Wait until the 
Power lamp stops 
flashing and remains lit blue.
 Use the { or } button on the Operation Panel to 
select the language for the LCD, then press the 
OK button.
(1)  Press the { or } 
button to select the 
(2)  Press the 
If an unintended language is displayed on the LCD, press the 
Back button on the Operation Panel to return to the Language 
selection screen.
Once the message 
“Install the print head and set the ink 
tank.” appears, go to 
 Lift the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) until it locks 
into place. The Print Head Holder moves to the 
For your safety, always firmly grip the areas illustrated when 
lifting the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
If the Document Cover is opened, you cannot open the Scan-
ning Unit (Printer Cover). Be sure to open the Scanning Unit 
(Printer Cover) with the Document Cover closed.
 Write down the serial number located inside 
the machine. You will need this to register your 
Serial Number Location
 Remove the Print Head from its package.
There may be some transparent or light blue ink on the inside 
of the bag the print head comes in, or the inside of the protec-
tive cap - this has no effect on print quality. Be careful not to 
get ink on yourself when handling these items.
 Remove the orange protective cap from the Print 
Head and discard it.
Protective Cap
Print Head Nozzles
Electrical Contacts
Do not touch the print head nozzles or the electrical contacts.
Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever until 
it stops. The Print Head Lock Lever may feel 
Insert the Print Head.
Do not touch!
 Push the Print Head to hold it in place, and lower 
the Print Head Lock Lever.
If the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) is left open for more than 
10 minutes, the Print Head Holder moves to the right. Close 
and reopen the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) to return the 
Holder to the center.
  Install the Ink Tanks
For the ink tanks compatible with this machine, refer to the back 
cover of the Quick Start Guide.
 Pull the orange tape in the direction of the arrow 
to peel off the protective film and remove the film 
If the air hole is blocked with the remaining film, ink 
may leak out or may not eject properly.
 Twist off and discard the orange protective cap 
located on the bottom of the ink tank.
Electrical Contacts
Ink Port
Protective Cap
Do not press!
Do not touch the electrical contacts.
Do not touch the ink port.
 Insert the ink tank into the right-hand slot and 
press the   mark on the ink tank until it clicks 
into place.
 Make sure the ink lamp lights red.
Refer to the color 
guide on the Print 
Head Lock Lever.
 Close the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
For your safety, always firmly grip the areas illustrated when 
closing the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
The machine starts the preparatory operation. It takes about 2 
minutes. Do not start another operation until the machine has 
stopped making operating noises.
 Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it to the left end.
Paper Support
Paper Guide
 Load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper 
into the Rear Tray, align the paper with the Cover 
Guide on the right side, then slide the Paper 
Guide against the paper.
Paper Guide
Cover Guide
Print Side
Make sure that 
Yes is selected in the message 
requesting head alignment, then press the 
Print Head alignment takes about 6 minutes to complete. Do not 
start another operation until the machine has stopped making 
operating noises.
The pattern is printed. And Print Head is aligned 
The pattern is printed in black and blue.
When Automatic Print Head Alignment cannot be executed 
correctly, the message “
Auto head align has failed.” is displayed 
on the LCD. Refer to “An Error Message is Displayed on the LCD” 
in the Quick Start Guide.
Hardware setup and Print Head alignment are 
  Install the Print Head
  Align the Print Head
When cleaning the exterior of the machine, use a soft cloth to wipe it gently. For details, refer to “Cleaning Your Machine” in the Quick Start Guide.