Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Handbuch (en)

Move the display position and 
switch images as needed.
To move the display position, 
press the [
][ ][ ] buttons.
While [
] is displayed, you 
can switch to [
] by pressing 
the [
] button. To switch to other 
images while zoomed, press 
the [ ][ ] buttons. Press the 
] button again to restore the 
original setting.
You can return to single-image display from magnified display by 
pressing the [
] button.
Viewing Slideshows
 Still Images 
Automatically play back images from a memory card as follows. 
Each image is displayed for about three seconds.
Press the [
] button, choose 
[ ] in the menu, and choose the 
desired option (
The slideshow will start after 
[Loading image] is displayed for a 
few seconds.
Press the [
] button to stop 
the slideshow.