Panasonic DMC-GH1 Benutzerhandbuch (ja)

In dark places, noise may appear to maintain the brightness of the LCD monitor. This does not 
affect the pictures you are recording.
The LCD monitor may flicker for a few seconds after turning the camera on indoors under 
fluorescent light. This is not a malfunction.
This is characteristic of MOS sensors which serve as the camera’s pickup sensors.
This is not a malfunction.
This is a characteristic of the drive system of the viewfinder of this unit, and it is not a 
malfunction. There will be no problem with the recorded image.
You can display the pictures without being rotated when [ROTATE DISP.] (P141) is set to 
You can rotate pictures with the [ROTATE] function. (P141)
You can only display the pictures rotated if you use a lens (P15) that supports the direction 
detection function (P40) and [ROTATE DISP.] is set to [ON].
Did you press [(]?
Is the card inserted?
Is there a picture on the card?
Is this a picture whose file name has been changed in the PC? If it is, it cannot be played back 
by this unit.
Has [PLAYBACK MODE] been set for playback?
> Change to [NORMAL PLAY]. (P134)
Is this a non-standard picture, a picture which has been edited using a PC or a picture which 
was taken by another make of digital camera?
Did you remove the battery immediately after picture-taking or did you take the picture using a 
battery with a low remaining charge?
> Format the data to delete the pictures mentioned above. (P38)
(Other pictures will be deleted as well and it will not be possible to restore them. 
Therefore, check well before formatting.)
Noise appears on the LCD monitor.
The LCD monitor flickers indoors.
A flickering horizontal line appears on the LCD monitor under fluorescent light.
You see red, green, or blue flashes when you move your eyes in the viewfinder, 
or when the camera is moved rapidly.
The picture being played back is not rotated, or is rotated in an unexpected 
direction, when displayed.
The picture is not played back.
The recorded pictures are not displayed.
The folder number and the file number are displayed as [—] and the screen turns 
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