Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

1.  Software Installation
Installation for Linux
Installing the Unified Linux Driver
You must log in as a super user (root) to install the machine software. If you 
are not a super user, ask your system administrator.
Make sure that the machine is connected to your computer and 
powered on.
Copy Unified Linux Driver package to your system.
 Open Terminal program and go to the folder that you copied the 
package to.
Extract the package.
Move to uld folder.
Execute "./" command (If you're not logged in as root, execute 
the command with "sudo" as "sudo ./")
 Proceed with installation.
When installation finished, launch printing utility(Go to System > 
Administration > Printing or execute "system-config-printer
command in Terminal program).
Click Add button.
Select your printer.
Click Forward button and add it to your system.