Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Useful network programs
There are several programs available to setup the network settings easily in a 
network environment. For the network administrator especially, managing 
several machines on the network is possible.
Before using the programs below, set the IP address first.
SyncThru™ Web Service
The web server embedded on your network machine allows you to do the 
Check the supplies information and status.
Customize machine settings.
Set the email notification option. When you set this option, the machine 
status (toner cartridge shortage or machine error) will be sent to a certain 
person's email automatically.
Configure the network parameters necessary for the machine to connect to 
various network environments.
SyncThru™ Web Admin Service
Web-based machine management solution for network administrators. 
SyncThru™ Web Admin Service provides you with an efficient way of managing 
network devices and lets you remotely monitor and troubleshoot network 
machines from any site with corporate internet access. 
SetIP wired network setup
This utility program allows you to select a network interface and manually 
configure the IP addresses for use with the TCP/IP protocol.
TCP/IPv6 is not supported by this program.