Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wired network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
From the SyncThru™ Web Service
Activating IPv6
Access a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, from Windows. Enter 
the machine IP address ( in the address field and 
press the Enter key or click Go.
If it’s your first time logging into SyncThru™ Web Service you need to 
log-in as an administrator. Type in the below default ID and password. 
We recommend you to change the default password for security 
ID: admin 
Password: sec00000 
When the SyncThru™ Web Service window opens, move the mouse 
cursor over the Settings of the top menu bar and then click Network 
Click TCP/IPv6 on the left pane of the website.
Check the IPv6 Protocol check box to activate IPv6.
Click the Apply button.
Turn the machine off and turn it on again.
You can also set the DHCPv6.
To manually set the IPv6 address:
Check the Manual Address check box. Then, the Address/Prefix text 
box is activated. Enter the rest of the address 
(e.g.,:3FFE:10:88:194::AAAA. “A” is the hexadecimal 0 through 9, A 
through F).
IPv6 address configuration
Start a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, that supports IPv6 
addressing as a URL.
Select one of the IPv6 addresses (Link-local AddressStateless 
Stateful AddressManual Address) from Network 
Configuration Report
 (see "Printing a network configuration report" on 
page 104).
Link-local Address: Self-configured local IPv6 address (Address 
starts with FE80).
Stateless Address: Automatically configured IPv6 address by a 
network router.
Stateful Address: IPv6 address configured by a DHCPv6 server.
Manual Address: Manually configured IPv6 address by a user.
Enter the IPv6 addresses (e.g.,: http://[FE80::215:99FF:FE66:7701]).
Address must be enclosed in '[ ]' brackets.