Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Safety information
1. Introduction
Operating method
During an electrical storm or for a period of non-operation, 
remove the power plug from the electrical outlet. 
This could result in electric shock or fire. 
Be careful, the paper output area is hot. 
Burns could occur. 
If the machine has been dropped, or if the cabinet appears 
damaged, unplug the machine from all interface connections and 
request assistance from qualified service personnel.
Otherwise, this could result in electric shock or fire.
If the machine does not operate properly after these instructions 
have been followed, unplug the machine from all interface 
connections and request assistance from qualified service 
Otherwise, this could result in electric shock or fire.
If the plug does not easily enter the electrical outlet, do not 
attempt to force it in. 
Call an electrician to change the electrical outlet, or this could 
result in electric shock.
Do not allow pets to chew on the AC power, telephone or PC 
interface cords.
This could result in electric shock or fire and/or injury to your pet. 
Do not forcefully pull the paper out during printing. 
It can cause damage to the machine.
Be careful not to put your hand between the machine and paper 
You may get injured.
Be careful when replacing paper or removing jammed paper. 
New paper has sharp edges and can cause painful cuts.
When printing large quantities, the bottom part of the paper 
output area may get hot. Do not allow children to touch. 
Burns can occur.
When removing jammed paper, do not use tweezers or sharp metal 
It can damage the machine.
Do not allow too many papers to stack up in the paper output tray.
It can damage the machine.