Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Installing driver over the network
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
For the Start Screen from Windows 8
The V4 driver is automatically downloaded from the Windows Update if 
your computer is connected to the Internet. If not, you can manually 
download the V4 driver from 
Samsung website,
find your product > Support or downloads. 
You  can  download 
Samsung Printer Experience app from the 
Windows Store. You need have a Microsoft account to use the Windows 
a  From Charms, select Search
b  Click Store.
c  Search and click Samsung Printer Experience.
d  Click Install.
If you install the driver using the supplied software CD, V4 driver is not 
installed. If you want to use the V4 driver in the 
Desktop screen, you can 
download from the Samsung website,
 >find your 
product > Support or downloads.
If you want to install 
’s printer management tools, you need to 
install them using the supplied software CD.
Make sure that the machine is connected to the network and powered 
on. Also, your machine’s IP address should have been set (see "Setting IP 
address" on page 105
From Charms, select Settings > Change PC settings > Devices.
Click Add a device
Discovered machines will be shown on the screen. 
Click the model name or host name you wish to use. 
You can print a Network Configuration Report from the machine’s control 
panel that will show the current machine’s host name (see "Printing a 
network configuration report" on page 141).
The driver is automatically installed from the Windows Update
Silent installation Mode
Silent installation mode is an installation method that does not require any user 
intervention. Once you start the installation, the machine driver and software 
are automatically installed on your computer. You can start the silent installation 
by typing /s or /S in the command window.
Command-line Parameters
Following table shows commands that can be used in the command window.
Following command-line are effective and operated when command is 
used with /s or /S. But /h/H or /? are exceptional commands that can be 
operated solely.