Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Installing driver over the network
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Make sure your machine supports the UNIX operating system before 
installing the UNIX printer driver (see "Unix" on page 80).
The commands are marked with “”, when typing the commands, do not 
type “”.
Some features and optional goods may not be available depending on 
model or country (see "Features by models" on page 6).
Installing the UNIX printer driver package
The installation procedure is common for all variants of UNIX OS mentioned.
From the Samsung website, download and unpack the UNIX Printer 
Driver package to your computer. 
Acquire root privileges.
su -
Copy the appropriate driver archive to the target UNIX computer.
See administration guide of your UNIX OS for details.
Unpack the UNIX printer driver package.
For example, on IBM AIX, use the following commands.
gzip -d < enter the package name | tar xf -
Go to the unpacked directory.
Run the install script.
./install -i
install is the installer script file which is used to install or uninstall the 
UNIX Printer Driver package.
Use “chmod 755 install” command to give the permission to the 
installer script.
Execute the “. /install –c” command to verify installation results.
Run “installprinter” from the command line. This will bring up the Add 
Printer Wizard
 window. Setup the printer in this window referring to 
the following procedures.