Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Wireless network setup
Make sure your machine supports wireless networking. Wireless 
networking may not be available depending on the model (see "Features 
by models" on page 6).
If the IPv6 network seems to not be working, set all the network settings 
to the factory defaults and try again using 
Clear Setting
Getting started
Understanding your network type
Typically, you can only have one connection between your computer and the 
machine at a time.
Wireless network name and network password
Wireless networks require higher security, so when an access point is first set up, 
a network name (SSID), the type of security used, and a Network Password are 
created for the network. Ask your network administrator about this information 
before proceeding with the machine installation.
Infrastructure mode
This is an environment generally used for homes and SOHOs 
(Small Office/ Home Office). This mode uses an access point to 
communicate with the wireless machine.
Ad hoc mode
This mode does not use an access point. The wireless 
computer and wireless machine communicate directly.