Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Using the WPS button 
If your machine and an access point (or wireless router) support Wi-Fi Protected 
Setup™ (WPS), you can easily configure the wireless network settings by 
pressing the 
 (WPS) button on the control panel without a computer.
If you want to use the wireless network using the infrastructure mode, 
make sure that the network cable is disconnected from the machine. 
Using the 
 button or entering the PIN from the computer to 
connect to the access point (or wireless router) varies depending on the 
access point (or wireless router) you are using. Refer to the user's guide 
of the access point (or wireless router) you are using.
When using the WPS button to set the wireless network, security settings 
may change. To prevent this, lock the WPS option for the current wireless 
security settings. The option name may differ depending on the access 
point (or wireless router) you are using.
Items to prepare
Check if the access point (or wireless router) supports Wi-Fi Protected 
Setup™ (WPS).
Check if your machine supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS).
Networked computer (PIN mode only)
Choosing your type
There are two methods available to connect your machine to a wireless network 
using the 
 (WPS) button on the control panel.
The Push Button Configuration (PBC) method allows you to connect your 
machine to a wireless network by pressing both the 
 (WPS) button on the 
control panel of your machine and the WPS (PBC) button on a Wi-Fi Protected 
Setup™ WPS-enabled access point (or wireless router) respectively.
The Personal Identification Number (PIN) method helps you connect your 
machine to a wireless network by entering the supplied PIN information on a Wi-
Fi Protected Setup™ WPS-enabled access point (or wireless router).
Factory default in your machine is PBC mode, which is recommended for a 
typical wireless network environment.