Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Re-connecting to a network
When the wireless function is off, the machine automatically tries to re-connect 
to the access point (or wireless router) with the previously used wireless 
connection settings and address.
In the following cases, the machine automatically re-connects to the 
wireless network:
The machine is turned off and on again.
The access point (or wireless router) is turned off and on again.
Canceling the connection process
To cancel the wireless network connection when the machine is connecting to 
the wireless network, press and release the 
 (Cancel or Stop/Clear) or 
(Power/Wakeup) button on the control panel. You need to wait 2 minutes to 
re-connect to the wireless network.
Disconnecting from a network
To disconnect the wireless network connection, press the 
 (WPS) button on 
the control panel for more than two seconds.
When the Wi-Fi network is in idle mode: The machine is immediately 
disconnected from the wireless network and the WPS LED turns off.
When the Wi-Fi network is being used: While the machine waits until the 
current job is finished, the light blinks fast on the WPS LED. Then, the 
wireless network connection is automatically disconnected and the WPS 
LED turns off.