Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
After searching, the window shows the wireless network devices. Select 
the name (SSID) of the access point you want to use and click Next.
If you cannot find the network name you want to choose, or if you want to 
set the wireless configuration manually, click Advanced Setting.
Enter the wireless Network Name: Enter the SSID of the access point 
(SSID is case-sensitive).
Operation Mode: Select Infrastructure.
Authentication: Select an authentication type.
Open System: Authentication is not used, and encryption may or may 
not be used, depending on the need for data security.
Shared Key: Authentication is used. A device that has a proper WEP key 
can access the network.
WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal: Select this option to authenticate the 
print server based on a WPA Pre-Shared Key. This uses a shared secret key 
(generally called Pre Shared Key pass phrase), which is manually 
configured on the access point and each of its clients.
Encryption: Select the encryption (None, WEP64, WEP128, TKIP, AES, 
Network Password: Enter the encryption network password value.
Confirm Network Password: Confirm the encryption network 
password value.
WEP Key Index: If you are using WEP Encryption, select the appropriate 
WEP Key Index.
The wireless network security window appears when the access point has 
security settings.
Enter the Network Password of the access point (or router).
If your printer supports Wi-Fi Direct, the following screen appears. 
Click Next.
Wi-Fi Direct option appears on the screen only if your printer supports 
this feature.
Can start to build Wi-Fi Direct by using 
Samsung Easy Printer Manager 
Wi-Fi Direct Name
: The default Wi-Fi Direct Name is the model name 
and the maximum length is 23 characters.
Password setting
 is the numeric string, and the size is 8 ~ 64 characters.