Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
The window showing the wireless network settings appears. Check the 
settings and click Next.
Before entering the IP address for the machine, you must know the 
computer’s network configuration information. If the computer’s network 
configuration is set to DHCP, the wireless network setting should also be 
DHCP. Likewise, if the computer’s network configuration is set to Static, the 
wireless network setting should also be Static.
If your computer is set to DHCP and you want to use Static wireless network 
setting, you must contact the network administrator to get the static IP 
For the DHCP method
If the IP address assignment method is DHCP, check if DHCP is shown in 
the Wireless Network Setting Confirm window. If it shows Static, click 
Change TCP/IP to change the assignment method to Receive IP 
address automatically (DHCP)
For the Static method
If the IP address assignment method is Static, check if Static is shown in 
the Wireless Network Setting Confirm window. If it shows DHCP, click 
Change TCP/IP to enter the IP address and other network configuration 
values for the machine.
For example,
If the computer’s network information is shown as follows:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Then, the machine’s network information should be as shown below:
IP address:
Subnet Mask: (Use the computer’s subnet mask.)
When the window that tells you that the network cable connection is 
confirmed appears, disconnect the network cable and click Next.
If the network cable is connected, it may have trouble finding the 
machine when configuring the wireless network.
The wireless network connects according to the network configuration.
Wireless network set up is completed. After installation is finished, click 
After completing the wireless network connection, you need to install a 
machine driver to print from an application (see "Installation for Mac" on 
page 98).
Using a network cable
Machines that do not support the network port will not be able to use this 
feature (see "Rear view" on page 17).
Your machine is a network compatible machine. To enable your machine to 
work with your network, you will need to perform some configuration