Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
After completing the wireless network connection, you need to install a 
machine driver to print from an application (see "Installing driver over 
the network" on page 109).
See your network administrator, or the person that set up your wireless 
network, for information about your network configuration.
Items to prepare
Access point
Network-connected computer
Software CD that was provided with your machine
A machine installed with a wireless network interface
Network cable
Printing a network configuration report
You can identify the network settings of your machine by printing a network 
configuration report.
IP setting using SetIP Program (Windows)
This program is used to manually set the network IP address of your machine 
using its MAC address to communicate with the machine. The MAC address is 
the hardware serial number of the network interface and can be found in the 
Network Configuration Report
Configuring the machine’s wireless network
Before starting you will need to know the network name (SSID) of your wireless 
network and the network key if it is encrypted. This information was set when 
the access point (or wireless router) was installed. If you do not know about your 
wireless environment, please ask the person who set up your network.
To configure wireless parameters, you can use SyncThru™ Web Service.
Using SyncThru™ Web Service
Before starting wireless parameter configuration, check the cable connection