Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Setting the Wi-Fi Direct for mobile printing
Wi-Fi Direct is an easy-to-setup peer-to-peer connection method between the 
Wi-Fi Direct certified printer and a mobile device that provides a secure 
connection and better throughput than ad hoc mode.
With Wi-Fi Direct, you can connect your printer to a Wi-Fi Direct network while 
concurrently connecting to an access point, You can also use a wired network 
and a Wi-Fi Direct network simultaneously so multiple users can access and print 
documents both from Wi-Fi Direct and from a wired network.
You cannot connect your mobile device to the internet through the 
printer’s Wi-Fi Direct.
The supported protocol list may differ from your model, Wi-Fi Direct 
networks do NOT support IPv6, network filtering, IPSec, WINS, and SLP 
The maximum number of devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi Direct 
is 3.
Setting up Wi-Fi Direct
You can enable Wi-Fi Direct feature by one of the following methods.
From the USB cable-connected computer(recommended)
After the driver installation is complete, Samsung Easy Printer Manager can be 
used to change Wi-Fi Direct settings.
Samsung Easy Printer Manager is Available for Windows
and Mac OS users only.
From  the  Start menu, select Programs or All Programs > Samsung 
 > Samsung Easy Printer Manager > Device Settings Network.
Wi-Fi Direct On/Off: Select On to enable.
Device Name: Enter the printer’s name for searching for your printer on 
a wireless network. By default, the device name is the model name.
IP Address: Enter the IP address of the printer. This IP address is used 
only for the local network and not for the infrastructure wired or wireless 
network. We recommend using the default local IP address (the default 
local IP address of the printer for Wi-Fi Direct is )
Group Owner: Activate this option to assign the printer the Wi-Fi Direct 
group’s owner. The Group Owner acts similar to a wireless access point. 
We recommend activating this option.
Network Password: If your printer is a Group Owner, a Network 
 is required for other mobile devices to connect to your 
printer. You can configure a network password yourself, or can 
remember the given Network Password that is randomly generated by