Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
From the machine (Machines with a display screen)
Select Network > Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct from the control panel.
Enable Wi-Fi Direct.
From the machine (Machines without a display screen)
Press and hold the 
 (WPS) button on the control panel for about 10- 15 
seconds. Wi-Fi Direct feature turns on.
Press and hold the 
 (WPS) button on the control panel for more than 15 
seconds. Wi-Fi Direct feature turns off.
From the network-connected computer
If your printer is using a network cable or a wireless access point, you can enable 
and configure Wi-Fi Direct from SyncThru™ Web Service.
Access SyncThru™ Web Service, select Settings > Network Settings > 
Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct.
Enable or disable Wi-Fi Direct and set other options.
For  Linux  OS  users,
Print an IP network configuration report to check the output (see 
"Printing a network configuration report" on page 104).
Access SyncThru Web Service, select Settings > Network Settings 
Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct.
Enable or disable Wi-Fi Direct.
Setting up the mobile device
After setting up Wi-Fi Direct from the printer, refer to the user manual of the 
mobile device you are using to set its Wi-Fi Direct.
After setting up Wi-Fi Direct, you need to download the mobile printing 
application (For example: Samsung Mobile printer) to print from your 
When you have found the printer you want to connect to from your 
mobile device, select the printer and the printer's LED will blink. Press the 
WPS button on the printer and it will be connected to your mobile 
 If your mobile device does not support WPS, you need to enter the 
"Network Key" of a printer instead of pushing the WPS button.