Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Wireless network setup
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Problems during setup or driver installation
Printers Not Found
Your machine may not be turned on. Turn on your computer and the 
USB cable is not connected between your computer and machine. Connect 
the machine to your computer using the USB cable.
The machine does not support wireless networking. Check the machine's 
user's guide included on the software CD supplied with your machine and 
prepare a wireless network machine.
Connecting Failure - SSID Not Found
The machine is unable to find the network name (SSID) you have selected or 
entered. Check the network name (SSID) on your access point and try 
connecting again. 
Your access point is not turned on. Turn on your access point.
Connecting Failure - Invalid Security
Security is not configured correctly. Check the configured security on your 
access point and machine.
Connecting Failure - General Connection Error
Your computer is not receiving a signal from your machine. Check the USB 
cable and your machine’s power.
Connecting Failure - Connected Wired Network
Your machine is connected with a wired network cable. Remove the wired 
network cable from your machine.
Connecting Failure - Assigning the IP address
Cycle the power for the access point (or wireless router) and machine.
PC Connection Error
The configured network address is unable to connect between your 
computer and machine.
For a DHCP network environment
The printer receives the IP address automatically (DHCP) when 
computer is configured to DHCP.
If the printing job is not working in DHCP mode, the problem may be caused 
by the automatically changed IP address. Compare the IP address between 
the product's IP address and the printer port's IP address.
How to compare:
1  Print the network information report of your printer, and then check the