Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Google Cloud Print™
2.  Using a Network-Connected Machine
Open the Chrome browser.
Sign in to the Google website with your Gmail™ address.
Enter your printer’s IP address in the address field and press the Enter key 
or click Go.
Click Login in the upper right corner of the SyncThru™ Web Service 
If it’s your first time logging into SyncThru™ Web Service you need to 
log-in as an administrator. Type in the below default ID and Password
We recommend you to change the default password for security 
ID: admin 
Password: sec00000 
If the network environment is using a proxy server, you need to configure 
the proxy’s IP and port number from Settings > Network Settings > 
Google Cloud Print > Proxy Setting. Contact your network service 
provider or network administrator for more information. 
When the SyncThru™ Web Service window opens, click Settings > 
Network Settings > Google Cloud Print.
Enter your printer’s name and description.
Click Register.
The confirmation pop-up window appears.
If you set the browser to block pop-ups, the confirmation window will not 
appear. Allow the site to show pop-ups. 
Click Finish printer registration.
Click Manage your printers.
Now your printer is registered with Google Cloud Print™ service.
Google Cloud Print™-ready devices will appear in the list.