Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

3.  Special Features
Using Direct Printing Utility
Direct Printing Utility may not be available depending on model or 
optional goods (see 
Available for Windows OS users only.
What is Direct Printing Utility?
Direct Printing Utility is a program that sends the PDF files directly to your 
machine to print without having to opening the file.
To install this program:
Download the software from the Samsung website then unpack and install it: 
( > find your product > Support or Downloads).
Optional memory or mass storage device (HDD) should be installed on 
your machine, to print files using this program (see "Variety feature" on 
page 7).
You cannot print PDF files that are restricted. Deactivate the printing 
restriction feature and retry printing.
You cannot print PDF files that are restricted by a password. Deactivate 
the password feature, and retry printing.
Whether or not a PDF file can be printed using the 
Direct Printing Utility
program depends on how the PDF file was created.
Direct Printing Utility
 program supports PDF version 1.7 and below. 
For higher versions, you must open the file to print it.
There are several ways you can print using the Direct Printing Utility.
From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs.
For Windows 8, from Charms, select Search > Apps.
Find Samsung Printers > Direct Printing Utility.
Select your machine from the Select Printer drop-down list and click 
Select the file you wish to print and click Open.
The file is added in the Select Files section.
Customize the machine settings for your needs. 
Click Print. The selected PDF file is sent to the machine.