Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

3.  Special Features
Mac printing
Some features may not be available depending on models or options. It 
means that the features are not supported.
Printing a document
When you print with a Mac, you need to check the printer driver settings in each 
application you use. Follow the steps below to print from a Mac:
Open the document to print.
Open the File menu and click Page Setup (Document Setup in some 
Choose your paper size, orientation, scaling, other options, and make 
sure that your machine is selected. Click OK.
Open the File menu and click Print
Choose the number of copies and indicate which pages to print. 
Click Print.
Changing printer settings
You can use advanced printing features when using your machine.
Open an application and select Print from the File menu. The machine name, 
which appears in the printer properties window, may differ depending on the 
machine in use. Except for the name, the composition of the printer properties 
window is similar to the following.
Printing multiple pages on one sheet 
You can print more than one page on a single sheet of paper. This feature 
provides a cost-effective way to print draft copies.
Open an application, and select Print from the File menu.
Select Layout from the drop-down list under Orientation. In the Pages 
per Sheet
 drop-down list, select the number of pages you want to print 
on one sheet of paper.
Select the other options to use.
Click Print
The machine prints the selected number of pages to print on one sheet 
of paper.