Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

3.  Special Features
Linux printing
Some features may not be available depending on models or options. It 
means that the features are not supported.
Printing from applications
There are a lot of Linux applications that allow you to print using Common UNIX 
Printing System (CUPS). You can print on your machine from any such 
Open the document to print.
Open the File menu and click Page Setup (Print Setup in some 
Choose your paper size, orientation, and make sure that your machine is 
selected. Click Apply.
Open the File menu and click Print.
Select your machine to print.
Choose the number of copies and indicate which pages to print.
Change other printing options in each tab, if necessary.
Click Print.
Automatic/manual duplex printing may not be available depending on 
models. You can alternatively use the lp or lpr printing system or other 
applications for odd-even printing.
Printing files
You can print text, image, pdf files on your machine using the standard CUPS
directly from the command line interface. The CUPS lp or lpr utility allows you to 
do that. You can print these files by using below command format.
"lp -d <printer name> -o <option> <file name>"
Please refer to lp or lpr man page on your system for more details.