Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

3.  Special Features
Unix printing 
Some features may not be available depending on models or options. It 
means that the features are not supported (see "Features by models" on 
page 6).
Proceeding the print job
After installing the printer, choose any of the image, text, or PS files to print.
Execute “printui <file_name_to_print>” command.
For example, if you are printing “document1
printui document1
This will open the UNIX Printer Driver Print Job Manager in which the 
user can select various print options.
Select a printer that has been already added.
Select the printing options from the window such as Page Selection.
Select how many copies are needed in Number of Copies.
To take advantage of the printer features provided by your printer driver, 
press Properties.
Press OK to start the print job.
Changing the machine settings
The UNIX printer driver Print Job Manager in which the user can select various 
print options in printer Properties.
The following hot keys may also be used: “H” for Help, “O” for OK, “A” for Apply
and “C” for Cancel.
General tab
Paper Size: Set the paper size as A4, Letter, or other paper sizes, according 
to your requirements.
Paper Type: Choose the type of the paper. Options available in the list box 
are Printer DefaultPlain, and Thick.
Paper Source: Select from which tray the paper is used. By default, it is Auto 
Orientation: Select the direction in which information is printed on a page.
Duplex: Print on both sides of paper to save paper.