Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Unix printing
3.  Special Features
Automatic/manual duplex printing may not be available depending on 
models. You can alternatively use the lpr printing system or other 
applications for odd-even printing.
Multiple pages: Print several pages on one side of the paper.
Page Border: Choose any of the border styles (e.g., Single-line hairline
Double-line hairline)
Image tab
In this tab, you can change the brightness, resolution, or image position of your 
Text tab
Set the character margin, line space, or the columns of the actual print output.
Margins tab
Use Margins: Set the margins for the document. By default, margins are not 
enabled. The user can change the margin settings by changing the values in 
the respective fields. Set by default, these values depend on the page size 
Unit: Change the units to points, inches, or centimeters.
Printer-Specific Settings tab
Select various options in the JCL and General frames to customize various 
settings. These options are specific to the printer and depend on the PPD file.