Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

4.  Useful Management Tools
Easy Eco Driver
This feature may not be available depending on model or optional goods (see "Software" on page 6).
Available for Windows OS users only (see "Software" on page 6).
With the Easy Eco Driver, you can apply Eco features to save paper and toner before printing. 
Easy Eco Driver also allows you simple editing such as removing images and texts, and more. You can save frequently used settings as a preset.
How to use: 
1  Open a document to print.
2  Open printing preference window (see "Opening printing preferences" on page 39).
3  From the Favorites tab, select Eco Printing Preview.
4  A preview window appears.
5  Select the options you want to apply to the document.
You can see the preview of the applied features.
6  Click Print.
If you want to run Easy Eco Driver every time you print, check Start Easy Eco Driver before printing job checkbox in the Basic tab of the printing preference