Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Using SyncThru™ Web Service
4.  Useful Management Tools
SyncThru™ Web Service overview
Some tabs may not appear depending on your model.
Information tab
This tab gives you general information about your machine. You can check 
things, such as remaining amount of toner. You can also print reports, such as an 
error report.
Active Alerts: Shows the alerts that have occurred in the machine and their 
Supplies: Shows how many pages are printed and amount of toner left in 
the cartridge.
Usage Counters: Shows the usage count by print types: simplex and 
Current Settings: Shows the machine’s and network’s information. 
Print information: Prints reports such as system related reports and font 
Settings tab
This tab allows you to set configurations provided by your machine and 
network. You need to log-in as an administrator to view this tab. 
Machine Settings tabSets options provided by your machine. 
Network Settings tabShows options for the network environment. Sets 
options such as TCP/IP and network protocols. 
Security tab
This tab allows you to set system and network security information. You need to 
log-in as an administrator to view this tab.
System Security: Sets the system administrator’s information and also 
enables or disables machine features.
Network Security: Sets settings for HTTPs, IPSec, IPv4/IPv6 filtering, and 
Maintenance tab
This tab allows you to maintain your machine by upgrading firmware and 
setting contact information for sending emails. You can also connect to 
Samsung website or download drivers by selecting the Link menu.
Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade your machine’s firmware.
Contact Information: Shows the contact information.
Link: Shows links to useful sites where you can download or check