Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

5.  Troubleshooting
Paper feeding problems
Suggested solutions
Paper jams during printing.
Clear the paper jam.
Paper sticks together.
Check the maximum paper capacity of the tray.
Make sure that you are using the correct type of paper.
Remove paper from the tray and flex or fan the paper.
Humid conditions may cause some paper to stick together.
Multiple sheets of paper do not feed.
Different types of paper may be stacked in the tray. Load paper of only one type, size, and weight.
Paper does not feed into the machine.
Remove any obstructions from inside the machine.
Paper has not been loaded correctly. Remove paper from the tray and reload it correctly.
There is too much paper in the tray. Remove excess paper from the tray.
The paper is too thick. Use only paper that meets the specifications required by the machine.
The paper keeps jamming.
There is too much paper in the tray. Remove excess paper from the tray. If you are printing on special materials, use the 
multi-purpose tray (or manual feeder).
An incorrect type of paper is being used. Use only paper that meets the specifications required by the machine.
There may be debris inside the machine. Open the front cover and remove any debris.
Transparencies stick together in the paper 
Use only transparencies specifically designed for laser printers. Remove each transparency as it exits from the machine.
Envelopes skew or fail to feed correctly.
Ensure that the paper guides are against both sides of the envelopes.