Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

5.  Troubleshooting
Printing problems
Possible cause
Suggested solutions
The machine does not 
The machine is not receiving power.
Check the power cord connections. Check the power switch and the power source.
The machine is not selected as the default 
Select your machine as your default machine in Windows.
Check the machine for the following:
The front cover is not closed. Close the front cover.
Paper is jammed. Clear the paper jam.
No paper is loaded. Load paper.
The toner cartridge is not installed. Install the toner cartridge.
Make sure the protect cover and sheets are removed from the toner cartridge.
If a system error occurs, contact your service representative.
The connection cable between the computer and 
the machine is not connected properly.
Disconnect the machine cable and reconnect it.
The connection cable between the computer and 
the machine is defective.
If possible, attach the cable to another computer that is working properly and print a job. 
You can also try using a different machine cable.
The port setting is incorrect.
Check the Windows printer settings to make sure that the print job is sent to the correct 
port. If the computer has more than one port, make sure that the machine is attached to 
the correct one.
The machine may be configured incorrectly. 
Check the Printing Preferences to ensure that all of the print settings are correct.