Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Printing quality problems
5.  Troubleshooting
Background scatter
Background scatter results from bits of toner randomly distributed on the printed page. 
The paper may be too damp. Try printing with a different batch of paper. Do not open packages of paper until necessary so that 
the paper does not absorb too much moisture.
If background scatter occurs on an envelope, change the printing layout to avoid printing over areas that have overlapping seams 
on the reverse side. Printing on seams can cause problems.
Or select Thick Envelope from the Printing Preferences window (see "Opening printing preferences" on page 39).
If background scatter covers the entire surface area of a printed page, adjust the print resolution through your software application 
or in Printing Preferences. Ensure the correct paper type is selected.
If you are using a new toner cartridge, redistribute the toner first. 
Toner particles are around bold 
characters or pictures
The toner might not adhere properly to this type of paper.
Change the printer option and try again. Go to Printing Preferences, click the Paper tab, and set the paper type to Recycled
Ensure the correct paper type is selected.
Misformed characters
If characters are improperly formed and producing hollow images, the paper stock may be too slick. Try different paper.
Suggested Solutions