Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Printing quality problems
5.  Troubleshooting
Character voids
Character voids are white areas within parts of characters that should be solid black:
If you are using transparencies, try another type of transparency. Because of the composition of transparencies, some character 
voids are normal. 
You may be printing on the wrong surface of the paper. Remove the paper and turn it around. 
The paper may not meet paper specifications.
Horizontal stripes
If horizontally aligned black streaks or smears appear:
The toner cartridge may be installed improperly. Remove the cartridge and reinsert it.
The toner cartridge may be defective. Remove the toner cartridge and install a new one.
If the problem persists, the machine may require repairing. Contact a service representative.
If the printed paper is curled or paper does not feed into the machine:
Turn the stack of paper over in the tray. Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray. 
Change the printer’s paper option and try again. Go to Printing Preferences, click the Paper tab, and set type to Thin.
Suggested Solutions