Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Operating system problems
5.  Troubleshooting
Common Linux problems
Refer to the Linux User’s Guide that came with your computer for further information on Linux error messages.
Suggested solutions
When printing more than one 
copy, the second copy does not 
The problem occurs on Ubuntu 12.04 due to the problem in standard CUPS filter 'pdftops'. Update 'cups-filters' package to version 
1.0.18 to fix the problem ('pdftops' is a part of 'cups-filters' package).
Unchecking the collate option 
in the Print Dialog does not 
For some distributions, GNOME Print Dialog has an issue handling the collate option. As workaround, set the default value of collate 
option to False using the system's printing utility(execute "system-config-printer" in the Terminal program).
Printing always works with 
This duplex issue was in Ubuntu 9.10 CUPS package. Update CUPS version to 1.4.1-5ubuntu2.2.
Printer is not added through 
system's printing utility.
The problem occurs on Debian 7 due to the defect in 'system-config-printer' package of the Debian 7 (
bugreport.cgi?bug=662813 in Debian bug tracking system). Please use another way to add printer (CUPS WebUI for example)
Paper size and orientation are 
disabled in the Print Dialog 
when opening text files.
The problem occurs on Fedora 19 and it's related to 'leafpad' text editor on Fedora 19. Please use other text editors like 'gedit'.