Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client-server networking 
protocol. A DHCP server provides configuration parameters specific to the DHCP 
client host requesting, generally, information required by the client host to 
participate on an IP network. DHCP also provides a mechanism for allocation of 
IP addresses to client hosts.
Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM), a small circuit board that holds memory. 
DIMM stores all the data within the machine like printing data, received fax data.
The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a standard that allows devices on 
a home network to share information with each other across the network.
The Domain Name Server (DNS) is a system that stores information associated 
with domain names in a distributed database on networks, such as the Internet.
Dot Matrix Printer
A dot matrix printer refers to a type of computer printer with a print head that 
runs back and forth on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked 
cloth ribbon against the paper, much like a typewriter.
Dots Per Inch (DPI) is a measurement of resolution that is used for scanning and 
printing. Generally, higher DPI results in a higher resolution, more visible detail 
in the image, and a larger file size.
Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection. Distinctive Ring is a telephone company 
service which enables a user to use a single telephone line to answer several 
different telephone numbers.
A mechanism that will automatically turn over a sheet of paper so that the 
machine can print (or scan) on both sides of the paper. A printer equipped with 
a Duplex Unit can print on both sides of paper during one print cycle.
Duty Cycle
Duty cycle is the page quantity which does not affect printer performance for a 
month. Generally the printer has the lifespan limitation such as pages per year. 
The lifespan means the average capacity of print-outs, usually within the 
warranty period. For example, if the duty cycle is 48,000 pages per month 
assuming 20 working days, a printer limits 2,400 pages a day.