Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

A network operating system developed by Novell, Inc. It initially used 
cooperative multitasking to run various services on a PC, and the network 
protocols were based on the archetypal Xerox XNS stack. Today NetWare 
supports TCP/IP as well as IPX/SPX.
Organic Photo Conductor (OPC) is a mechanism that makes a virtual image for 
print using a laser beam emitted from a laser printer, and it is usually green or 
rust colored and has a cylinder shape. 
An imaging unit containing a drum slowly wears the drum surface by its usage 
in the printer, and it should be replaced appropriately since it gets worn from 
contact with the cartridge development brush, cleaning mechanism, and paper.
The first example of something, such as a document, photograph or text, etc, 
which is copied, reproduced or translated to produce others, but which is not 
itself copied or derived from something else.
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) is a model developed by the International 
Organization for Standardization (ISO) for communications. OSI offers a 
standard, modular approach to network design that divides the required set of 
complex functions into manageable, self-contained, functional layers. The layers 
are, from top to bottom, Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, 
Data Link and Physical.
A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone 
switching system within a private enterprise.
Printer Command Language (PCL) is a Page Description Language (PDL) 
developed by HP as a printer protocol and has become an industry standard. 
Originally developed for early inkjet printers, PCL has been released in varying 
levels for thermal, dot matrix printer, and laser printers.
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a proprietary file format developed by 
Adobe Systems for representing two dimensional documents in a device 
independent and resolution independent format.