Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Media and tray
2. Basic Setup
Loading in manual feeder
The manual feeder can hold special sizes and types of print material, such as postcards, note cards, and envelopes. 
Tips on using the manual feeder
Load only one type, size and weight of print media at time in the manual feeder.
If  you  select 
Manual Feeder
 for the paper source in your software application, you need to press Print screen or Demo page, or WPS button each time you print 
a page and load only one type, size and weight of print media at a time on the manual tray.
To prevent paper jams, do not add paper while printing when there is still paper in the manual feeder.
Print media should be loaded face up with the top edge going into the manual feeder first and be placed in the center of the tray.
To ensure printing quality and to prevent paper jams, only load the available paper (see "Print media specifications" on page 75).
Flatten any curl on postcards, envelopes, and labels before loading them into the manual feeder.
When printing on special media, you must follow the loading guidelines (see "Printing on special media" on page 31).
When papers overlap when printing using the manual feeder, open tray 1 and remove the overlapping papers then try printing again. 
When paper does not feed well while printing, push the paper in manually until it starts feeding automatically. 
When the machine is in a power save mode, the machine does not feed paper from the manual feeder. Wake up the machine by pressing the power button before 
using the manual feeder.