Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Media and tray
2. Basic Setup
To avoid damaging the machine, use only transparencies designed for use in 
laser printers.
Must withstand the machine’s fusing temperature.
Place them on a flat surface after removing them from the machine.
Do not leave unused transparencies in the paper tray for long. Dust and dirt 
may accumulate on them, resulting in spotty printing.
To avoid smudging caused by fingerprints, handle them carefully.
To avoid fading, do not expose printed transparencies to prolonged 
Ensure that transparencies are not wrinkled, curled, or have any torn edges.
Do not use transparencies that separate from the backing sheet.
To prevent transparencies from sticking to each other, do not let the printed 
sheets stack up as they are being printed out. 
Recommended media: Transparency for a color laser printer by Xerox, such 
as 3R 91331(A4), 3R 2780 (Letter)
To avoid damaging the machine, use only labels designed for use in laser 
When selecting labels, consider the following factors:
Adhesives: Should be stable at your machine’s fusing temperature. 
Check your machine’s specifications to view the fusing temperature 
(about 170°C (338°F)).