Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Media and tray
2. Basic Setup
Preprinted paper
When loading preprinted paper, the printed side should be facing up with an 
uncurled edge at the front. If you experience problems with paper feeding, turn 
the paper around. Note that print quality is not guaranteed.
Must be printed with heat-resistant ink that will not melt, vaporize, or 
release hazardous emissions when subjected to the machine’s fusing 
temperature for 0.1 second (about 170°C (338°F)).
Preprinted paper ink must be non-flammable and should not adversely 
affect machine rollers.
Before you load preprinted paper, verify that the ink on the paper is dry. 
During the fusing process, wet ink can come off preprinted paper, reducing 
print quality.
Setting the paper size and type
After loading paper in the paper tray, set the paper size and type.
The paper setting in the machine and driver should match to print without a 
paper mismatch error.
To change the paper setting set in the machine, from the Samsung Easy Printer 
Manager select 
(Switch to advanced mode)Device Settings.
Then, set the paper type from the Printing preferences window > Paper tab > 
If you want to use special-sized paper such as billing paper, select Custom 
in the Paper tab in the Printing Preferences (see "Opening printing 
preferences" on page 39).