Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Basic printing
2. Basic Setup
Opening printing preferences
Printing Preferences window that appears in this user’s guide may 
differ depending on the machine in use. However, the composition of 
the Printing Preferences
 window is similar.
When you select an option in 
Printing Preferences, you may see a 
warning mark 
. An 
 mark means you can select that certain 
option but it is not recommended, and an 
 mark means you cannot 
select that option due to the machine’s setting or environment.
Open the document you want to print.
Select Print from the file menu.
Select your machine from the Select Printer
Click Properties or Preferences
The screenshot may differ depending on model.
You can apply 
Eco features to save paper and toner before printing (see 
You can check the machine's current status using the 
Printer Status