Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Basic printing
2. Basic Setup
Double-sided printing (long edge) feature is only available for duplex 
models (see "Variety feature" on page 7).
Depending on the printer driver you use, skip blank pages may not work 
properly. If skip blank pages feature does not work properly, set the 
feature from the 
Setting Eco mode on the control panel
 If you set the Eco mode on with a password from the SyncThru™ Web 
Service (Settings tab > Machine Settings > System > Eco Settings), the 
Onforce message appears. You have to enter the password to change the 
Eco mode status.
(Eco) button on the control panel. 
When the LED on the button lights up, the Eco mode is enabled.
Setting Eco mode on the driver
Open the Eco tab to set Eco mode. When you see the eco image (
), that 
means the Eco mode is currently enabled.
Eco options
Printer Default: Follows the settings set from the machine's control panel. 
None: Disables Eco mode.
Eco Printing: Enables Eco mode. Activate the various eco items you want to 
Result simulator
Result Simulator shows the results of reduced emission of carbon dioxide, used 
electricity, and the amount of saved paper in accordance with the settings you 
The results are calculated on the basis that the total number of printed 
paper is one hundred without a blank page when the Eco mode is disabled.
Refer to the calculation coefficient about CO
, energy, and paper from IEA
the index of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan and Each model has a different index. 
The power consumption in printing mode refers to the average printing 
power consumption of this machine. 
The actual saved or reduced amount may differ depending on the operating 
system used, computing performance, application software, connection 
method, media type, media size, job complexity, etc.