Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

3. Maintenance
Available maintenance parts
You need to replace the maintenance parts at specific intervals to keep the machine in the best condition and avoid print quality and paper feeding problems 
resulting from the worn-out parts. Maintenance parts are mostly rollers, belts and pads. However, the replacement period and parts may differ depending on the 
model. Replacing maintenance parts can be performed only by an authorized service provider, dealer, or the retailer where you bought the machine. To purchase 
maintenance parts, contact the retailer where you bought the machine. The replacement period for the maintenance parts is informed by the "Samsung Printer 
Status" program. Or if your machine supports display screen, a message is displayed in the display screen. The replacement period varies based on the operating 
system used, computing performance, application software, connecting method, paper type, paper size, and job complexity.