Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Useful to know
The machine does not print.
Open the print queue list and remove the document from the 
list (see "Canceling a print job" on page 38).
Remove the driver and install it again (see "Installing the driver 
locally" on page 21).
Select your machine as your default machine in your Windows.
Where can I purchase option or consumables?
Inquire at a Samsung distributor or your retailer.
Visit Select your country/region 
to view product service information.
The status LED flashes or remains constantly on.
Turn the product off and on again.
Check the meanings of LED indications in this manual and 
troubleshoot accordingly (see "Understanding the LED" on 
page 69).
A paper jam has occurred.
Open and close the front door.
Check the instructions on removing jammed paper in this 
manual and troubleshoot accordingly (see "Clearing paper 
jams" on page 61).
Printouts are blurry.
The toner level might be low or uneven. Shake the toner 
Try a different print resolution setting.
Replace the toner cartridge.
Where can I download the machine’s driver?