Samsung M262x Benutzerhandbuch (en)

Regulatory information
5. Appendix
Israel only 
Every country has different restrictions on the use of wireless devices. 
Since your system is equipped with a wireless device, when traveling 
between countries with your system, check with the local Radio 
Approval authorities prior to any move or trip for any restrictions on 
the use of a wireless device in the destination country.
If your system came equipped with an internal embedded wireless 
device, do not operate the wireless device unless all covers and shields 
are in place and the system is fully assembled.
Wireless devices are not user serviceable. Do not modify them in any 
way. Modification to a wireless device will void the authorization to 
use it. Contact manufacturer for service.
Only use drivers approved for the country in which the device will be 
used. See the manufacturer System Restoration Kit, or contact 
manufacturer Technical Support for additional information.