Sony DSC-H7 Brochure (en)

Cyber-shot® Digital Still Camera
For dramatic close-ups of distant subjects and sharp, clear fast-action shots other cameras might miss, the Sony 
Cyber-shot® DSC-H7 has it all: 15X Optical zoom, Advanced Sports Mode (1/4000 sec.), Super SteadyShot® image 
stabilization and high sensitivity (ISO 3200) mode. It also incorporates new hi-tech features like Face 
Detection, D-Range Optimization, in-camera retouching, electronic color viewfinder, remote control -- even HD 
Output to let you share memories in spectacular high definition clarity and detail on compatible HDTV screens.
High-Power Carl Zeiss® 15X Optical Zoom
A superb lens for bringing long-distance 
subjects up close, the pro-quality Carl 
Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens design of the 
DSC-H7 provides 15X Optical zoom design -- 
with 25X HD Digital zoom to enlarge the 
center portion of the picture so you see 
even more detail.
8.1 MP Super HAD™  CCD 
More megapixels give you more detail and 
definition for editing, cropping, and making 
large digital prints. Sony’s advanced Super 
HAD™  (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD 
design allows more light to pass to each 
pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing 
HD Output
Thanks to Sony, your photo album can go 
high-def -- with direct HD output to 
compatible HDTV screens, so you can view 
DSC-H7 still photos in spectacular high 
definition clarity and detail. Your life never 
looked so exciting!
HD Slide Show with Music
It’s the high-definition viewing experience 
that makes photos come alive on 
compatible HDTV screens, accompanied by 
your choice of visual effects and any of four 
preset musical selections stored in memory 
or your favorite MP3 tunes downloaded 
from PC to your camera for use as 
background music.
Face Detection
By automatically controlling focus, 
exposure, color and flash, this new Sony 
feature reveals faces in shadow, makes skin 
tones look more natural and eliminates 
harsh facial glare  -- to help bring out every 
expression on every face in every shot, so 
you’ll capture the personalities and 
emotions that make memories come alive.
High Sensitivity Mode
With Super SteadyShot® image 
stabilization to minimize blur, High 
Sensitivity Mode (ISO 3200) lets the DSC-H7 
shoot effectively in low light without flash 
to preserve the mood -- and Sony’s original 
Clear RAW™  NR (Noise Reduction) image 
processing technology helps suppress the 
color noise that can accompany high-
sensitivity shooting.
Advanced Sports Mode
To capture fast-moving subjects in split-
second detail, the DSC-H7 provides a Sports 
shooting mode that combines high shutter 
speed (1/4000 sec.) that responds more 
quickly to rapid motion -- a great way to 
catch the perfect moment in sports, 
children’s games, pet tricks and more.
Long-Distance Flash
A powerful flash provides extra illumination 
to light up subjects farther from your 
camera, with precise light control and the 
ability to adjust flash for both front and 
rear sync when shooting at low-speed sync 
Super SteadyShot® Optical Image 
Other image stabilization systems crop in 
to compensate for “ camera shake”  -- but 
with the Super SteadyShot® system, 
optical sensors detect camera movement 
and send correcting signals to a 
stabilization lens that allows even ultra-
long-distance digital photos to capture 
more detail with less camera shake 
9-Point Auto Focus
Because an off-center subject can make 
your shot more interesting, the DSC-H7 can 
measure auto-focus precision at 9 points on 
your screen  -- giving you greater creative 
freedom to compose your image.
D-Range Optimization
Powered by the exclusive Sony Bionz™  high-
speed processing engine, D-Range 
Optimization preserves image data in 
bright highlights and reveals more detail in 
shadows or backlit areas -- for great results 
even in difficult lighting conditions.
In-Camera Retouching
The DSC-H7 lets you add creative effects to 
photos after you shoot -- including soft edge 
filter to soften backgrounds, cross filter to 
place starry  “ dazzles”  at highlight points, 
partial color filter to mute surrounding 
colors, even fish-eye filter to create 
interesting fish-eye lens effects.
In-Camera Red-Eye Reduction.
Irritating “ glowing eyes”  can ruin even the 
most creative photos -- so the DSC-H7 gives 
you in-camera correction at the touch of a 
button to reduce lingering red-eye effect 
that other systems might miss.
2.5” LCD Screen, Simple Controls 
The DSC-H7 provides a large, bright LCD 
screen that makes it easy to compose shots, 
check results and read menus even in bright 
sunlight -- plus simple camera menus, a new 
GUI Home button, and Function Guide 
display that makes it easier to learn 
camera setup operations.
Electronic Color Viewfinder
In addition to its 2.5” LCD screen, the DSC-
H7 has a built-in electronic color viewfinder 
that lets you shoot in traditional camera 
style and save battery power by turning 
your LCD screen off.
Remote Control Function
In both shooting and play mode, you can use 
a supplied remote control unit to control 
basic camera functions ? including zoom, 
menu settings, etc. ? so you can put yourself 
in the picture when shooting with a tripod 
or sit back and enjoythe show when you 
share images on your home TV screen.
Wheel Dial for Manual Exposure Modes
For more creative freedom, a simple wheel-
dial control lets you quickly change camera 
settings in manual modes (shutter speed 
priority, aperture priority, manual 
exposure) and also control ISO sensitivity, 
focus area, and exposure value. In play 
mode, the wheel dial provides a quick way 
to view your next or previous shot.
31 MB Internal Memory
The DSC-H7 allows you to capture shots in-
camera for later transfer to PC or Memory 
Stick Duo™  media -- so even if you forget 
your flash memory card, you can always get 
the shot.
Memory Stick Duo™  Media 
The DSC-H7 has a built-in slot for optional 
Memory Stick Duo™  media or higher-
capacity Memory Stick PRO Duo™  media -- 
the ultra-compact media for shooting, 
storing and sharing your photo images.
76X Smart Zoom® Feature
MPEG Movie VX Fine Mode
Stamina® Battery Power