Sony DSC-F707 Brochure (en)

2/3" 5.0 Million Pixel Effective Super
HAD™ CCD, 5.2 MP Gross
Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode)
CCDs provide high resolution for excellent
image quality shot after shot. HAD allows
more light to enter the imager, increasing
sensitivity and reducing noise.
5.0 Mega Pixel Image Resolution 
Utilizing high quality CCD imagers, Sony
digital still cameras capture stunning
images in a variety of resolutions ideal for
photo-quality printing. 
Memory Stick
A flash memory system that
currently holds up to 128 MB
of data on a tiny, transportable
unit that can be used in cameras, 
camcorders, computers, printers, voice
recorders and Walkman
portable stereos.
Memory Stick media is digital, powerful,
and transportable, and available in 8MB,
16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB. 
5X Optical/10X Precision Digital Zoom 
Zoom helps you frame 
your shots for better digital
pictures. Bring distant 
subjects closer or pull back for wide
shots. Precision Digital zoom extends the
optical zoom range by 2X without the
jagged edges of other designs, resulting
in smooth images.
Carl Zeiss
Vario-Sonnar Lens System
A professional quality precision lens that
uses a unique coating that reduces glare
and flaring, while providing improvement
in detail and contrast
14-Bit DXP A/D Conversion 
14-bit Digital Extended
Processor captures the
dynamic range between light
and dark areas of your subject, providing
an overall improvement without losing
detail (highlights and shadows).
Advanced Exposure Metering
Utilizing a 49 cell matrix, Multi-pattern
Metering independently reads exposure
levels for each cell, providing more 
accurate exposure in unevenly lit 
conditions. Center Weighted Averaging
and Spot Metering are also available.
Pre-Flash Metering
With a momentary pre-flash, the DSC-F707
illuminates the subject and reads the scene
through the lens, directly from the CCD for
the most accurate flash metering.
Hologram AF Low Light Laser Focusing Assist
Projecting a Class 1 laser 
hologram pattern, Hologram
AF reads the contrast between
the pattern edge and the subject for the
most accurate focus – even in low contrast
Infra-Red System
Illuminating subjects at distances up to
10 feet with InfraRed emitters, Sony’s
NightShot system captures monochrome
images in low or no light situations.
Night Framing System
Combining elements of NightShot System,
Pre-Flash Metering and Hologram AF,
Night Framing assists proper framing,
focus and exposure, capturing beautiful
images in low or no light situations.
Slow-Shutter NR 
When capturing long exposures, the Slow
Shutter Noise Reduction circuitry 
identifies the visual noise in the image
and then subtracts it from the final
image. The result is a better overall 
digital picture free from CCD noise 
during long time exposures (2.5 seconds
and longer).
Intelligent Auto Pop Up Flash with 
Red-Eye Reduction
Provides the appropriate amount of flash
for optimum brightness and color accuracy
in virtually any lighting condition. The 
Red-Eye Reduction system uses a series
of pre-flashes that causes the subject's
pupils to contract, reducing the possibility
of reflection from the back of the eye that
causes the red-eye problem.
MPEG Movie HQ Mode 
Lets you capture 5, 10 or 15
seconds of MPEG video at
320 x 240 resolution. MPEG
HQ provides full screen video playback
at 16 frames per second for smoother,
more realistic motion. MPEG HQ also
provides improved sound quality that
rivals that of analog camcorders.
MPEG Movie EX 
The MPEG Movie EX mode
allows the user to capture
MPEG files with audio, at a
resolution of 160 x 112 or 320 x 240, at
a length that is limited only by the
capacity of the Memory Stick media. 
1.8" 123K Pixel LCD Viewfinder
This 1.8" LCD features a pixel count that
is usually found only in larger LCD
screens. By using 123K pixels and anti-
reflective coating, the LCD presents the
images in even greater detail and clarity.
Clear Color NR (Noise Reduction)
Detects large areas of consistent color
(i.e. sky), then reduces chrominance
noise in these areas with no significant
degradation of the picture, resulting in
overall improvement in image quality. 
3-Shot Burst Mode 
Capture 3 full resolution images at 2
frames per second, with one press of the
shutter button. Great for capturing 
multiple fast action shots.
S T E P - U P   F E AT U R E
Digital Still Camera