Sony DSC-W90 Brochure (en)

Cyber-shot® digital still camera
The DSC-W90 combines the power of 8.1 MP resolution and the precision of Carl Zeiss® 3X Optical zoom lens design with new 
hi-tech features like Face Detection to bring out the best in every face, D-Range Optimization for more detail in highlights and 
shadows, and in-camera retouching and red-eye reduction to improve shots you’ve already taken. The Sony Double Anti-Blur 
Solution lets you shoot sharp, clear photos in low light without flash to preserve the mood. And HD Output makes photos 
look spectacular on HDTV screens.
8.1 MP Super HAD™  CCD 
With more megapixels than most digital 
cameras, the DSC-W90 captures greater 
image definition so you can make big prints 
and tight crops without losing detail. The 
advanced Sony® Super HAD™  (Hole 
Accumulated Diode) CCD design allows 
more light to pass to each pixel, increasing 
sensitivity and reducing noise.
Carl Zeiss® 3X Optical Zoom Lens Design
A top-quality Carl Zeiss® 3X Optical zoom 
lens design helps the DSC-W90 bring 
distant subjects closer and lets you frame 
shots quickly for better composition -- a 
real advantage for family sports, outdoor 
fun and travel photos.
Face Detection
By automatically controlling focus, 
exposure, color and flash, this new Sony 
feature reveals faces in shadow, makes skin 
tones look more natural and eliminates 
harsh facial glare  -- to help bring out every 
expression on every face in every shot, so 
you’ll capture the personalities and 
emotions that make memories come alive.
The Sony Double Anti-Blur Solution
With Super SteadyShot® Image 
Stabilization and high sensitivity (ISO 
3200), the DSC-W90 compensates for shaky 
hands, minimizes blur, brightens images 
and allows flash-free shooting to preserve 
the mood  -- with Sony Clear RAW™  Noise 
Reduction to take care of the picture noise 
that can ruin low-light shots.
HD Output
Thanks to Sony, your photo album can go 
high-def -- with direct HD output to your 
HDTV screen, so you can view DSC-W90 still 
photos in spectacular high definition clarity 
and detail. Your life never looked so 
HD Slide Show with Music
It’s the high-definition viewing experience 
that makes photos come alive on HDTV 
screens, accompanied by your choice of 
visual effects and any of four preset musical 
selections stored in memory or your 
favorite MP3 tunes downloaded from PC to 
your camera for use as background music.
9-Point Auto Focus
Because an off-center subject can make 
your shot more interesting, the DSC-W90 
can measure auto-focus precision at 9 
points on your screen -- giving you greater 
creative freedom to compose your image.
D-Range Optimization
Powered by the exclusive Sony Bionz® high-
speed processing engine, D-Range 
Optimization preserves image data in 
bright highlights and reveals more detail in 
shadows or backlit areas -- for great results 
even in difficult lighting conditions.
In-Camera Retouching
The DSC-W90 lets you add creative effects 
to photos after you shoot -- including soft 
edge filter to soften backgrounds, cross 
filter to place starry  “ dazzles”  at highlight 
points, partial color filter to mute 
surrounding colors, even fish-eye filter to 
create interesting fish-eye lens effects.
In-Camera Red-Eye Reduction
Irritating “ glowing eyes”  can ruin even the 
most creative photos -- so the DSC-W90 
provides in-camera correction at the touch 
of a button to reduce lingering red-eye 
effect that other systems might miss.
Large 2.5” LCD Screen 
The DSC-W90 provides a large, bright LCD 
screen for composing shots, checking 
results, sharing your photos on location -- 
and an optical viewfinder allows shooting in 
traditional rangefinder camera style.
Simple Setup Controls
A quick press of the Home button opens 
your user-friendly GUI  -- and you can select 
functions by simply moving a cursor 
vertically or horizontally to the 
appropriate icon. Function names and the 
on-screen Function Guide display make it 
easier to learn camera setup operations.
31 MB Internal Memory
The DSC-W90 allows you to capture a large 
number of images without a flash memory 
card, so it’s great for traveling or for quick 
candid snapshots.
Memory Stick Duo™  Media Convenience 
A built-in slot accepts optional Memory 
Stick Duo™  media or Memory Stick PRO 
Duo™  media -- the compact, high-capacity 
storage media that make it easily to 
upload photos to your computer or make 
lab-quality prints at home on your Sony 
Picture Station™  digital printer (sold 
15X Smart Zoom® Feature
The Sony Smart Zoom® feature 
intelligently “ crops into”  the central 
portion of interest in your photo, avoiding 
the image degradation of other digital 
MPEG Movie VX Fine Mode
Captures VGA (640 x 480) audio/video clips 
at high frame rate (up to 30 frames per 
second ), with length limited only by the 
capacity of your media.
Stamina® Battery Power
The DSC-W90 provides up to 350 shots with 
a fully charged NP-BG1 Lithium Ion battery -
- enough shooting capacity to cover a long 
weekend or a whole vacation.
Picture Motion Browser Software
Supplied software makes it easier to 
upload, organize and search photos on your 
PC -- and provides a convenient map view 
function to sort photos by location and 
display their origin on a world map by using 
an optional GPS unit.