Sony dslr-a500l Specification Guide (en)

Step up to the Sony α500. Enjoy the spectacular imagery of 12.3 megapixels with ISO 12800 sensitivity. Experience the versatility of 
Quick Auto Focus Live View or MF Check Live View on the tiltable 3.0" LCD screen . Discover the superb response of up to 5 fps of 
continuous shooting.
12.3 megapixels; amazing pictures
This camera's 12.3 megapixel resolution 
makes for incredible detail and 
gorgeous enlargements. The all-new 
Sony® Exmor™  CMOS image sensor 
ensures state-of-the-art response. The 
large, APS-C format means high 
sensitivity, powerful depth-of-focus 
Superb in low light (ISO 12800)
An all-new Sony's Exmor™  CMOS 
image sensor employs new low-noise 
processing, for uncommonly clear 
pictures. The BIONZ™  image processor 
with chroma noise reduction helps 
achieve low noise all the way up to ISO 
12800, without sacrificing resolution.
More responsive Live View
All DSLR Live View systems enable you 
to compose shots in the LCD monitor, 
just as you would with a point-and-
shoot camera. But not all Live View 
systems are created equal. Some take 
a painfully long time to focus. Some 
even black out the LCD before focus. 
Either can cause you to miss shots. 
Sony's Quick Auto Focus Live View 
solves these problems, making it easier 
to get the best shot.
Quick Auto Focus Live View
Unlike competing cameras, the DSLR-
A500 is just as responsive in Quick Auto 
Focus Live View mode as in optical 
viewfinder mode. That's because, unlike 
the others, the α500 uses the same 
"phase detection" auto focus for Live 
View as for the optical viewfinder. While 
other Live View systems are severely 
restricted, Sony's performs superbly any 
time— even if you're shooting handheld 
or chasing after moving subjects like 
kids or pets.
Manual Focus Check Live View
For critical focus in macro and tripod 
shooting, the α500 also offers Manual 
Focus Check Live View. Temporary 7x 
and 14x zoom views enable you to 
focus on extremely fine detail while the 
1x view shows 100% framing in the LCD.
Face Detection technology
The α500 enhances Quick AF Live View 
shooting with Face Detection 
technology, which helps you get the 
best shot by recognizing faces and 
applying the proper focus, exposure 
and white balance. World's first Face 
Detection system to work with fast, high-
precision "phase detection" Auto Focus.
Smile Shutter™  technology 
Another Quick AF Live View 
enhancement, Smile Shutter™  
technology automatically takes the 
shot when your subject smiles. Works 
with Quick Auto Focus Live View to 
capture spontaneous moments, 
making the difference between a 
missed shot and a cherished memory.
Tiltable 3.0" LCD
Even if you're completely comfortable 
with the optical viewfinder, Sony's 
tiltable LCD empowers your 
photography with a different point of 
view. Helps you frame high and low-
angle shots that would otherwise be hit 
or miss. The LCD tilts up or down 90 
degrees to capture a child's first steps or 
shoot over a crowd. The 3.0"LCD
features 230,000 pixels and Sony's 
Clear Photo LCD™  display technology.
Up to 5 fps of continuous shooting
Up to 5 frames per second (with optical 
viewfinder) can capture the decisive 
moment in sports or get the ideal baby 
photo. You can also shoot at up to 4 
fps with Quick Auto Focus Live View.
Auto HDR built into camera
High Dynamic Range (HDR) 
photography captures more scene 
contrast than a single exposure can 
handle by combining two exposures 
into one incredible shot. Until recently, 
you needed a computer and editing 
software to enjoy HDR. Now the α500 
has Auto HDR built in. Handles severe 
backlighting and other high-contrast 
scenes. Captures in a split second. 
(Recommended for still subjects.)
Dynamic Range Optimizer
Dynamic Range Optimizer improves 
results with backlit subjects and 
recovers details hidden in shadows. 
Normal DRO improves detail using 
standard gamma curves for fast shot-
to-shot response time, while Advanced 
DRO adjusts dynamic range area-by-
area for greater accuracy.
SteadyShot INSIDE™  stabilization 
Image stabilization helps you take blur-
free shots by compensating for camera 
shake. Typical DSLR systems build 
image stabilization into selected lenses 
only. SteadyShot INSIDE™  image 
stabilization is built into the camera 
body itself. You'll reduce blur with every 
a-mount lens, including macro and 
wide-aperture standard zoom lenses.
Smart Teleconverter 2x Digital Zoom
In Quick Auto Focus Live View mode, 
you can extend the optical zoom of 
your lens with digital zoom. One touch 
zooms in at 1.4x, while a second touch 
advances to 2x zoom. The system 
reproduces pixels on a 1:1 basis so 
there's no degradation in picture 
Powerful Supplied Software
To help you refine and manage your 
images, the α500 is equipped with 
comprehensive computer software, 
including Image Data Converter SR, 
Image Data Lightbox SR and Picture 
Motion Browser (PMB).(Compatible 
computer required, not included)
BIONZ™  image processor 
A newest version of Sony's BIONZ image 
processor uses chroma noise reduction 
to deliver high-resolution, low-noise 
photos even at ISO 12800 sensitivity. 
This powerful Sony Large Scale 
Integrated circuit (LSI) also delivers fast 
processing for quick response on data-
intensive 12.3 megapixel images.
Help Guide and Graphic Display
HDMI™  output for HD viewing 
Eye-Start Autofocus
9-Point AF Sensor
Six Creative Style settings
Built-in Auto Pop-Up Flash
Anti-Dust Technology
Up to a 1000 Shots of battery life
PhotoTV HD compatibility
Six Scene Selection Modes
Index and Slide Show Display
Dual Media Slots
Supplied zoom lens (DSLR-A500L kit)