Sony mvc-fd75 Leaflet (en)

Removable 3.5" 2 HD Floppy Disk
Storage Media: 
Floppy disks continue to be inexpensive
and easy to use. No hassles with 
connecting wires or interfaces, just insert
into your PC's floppy drive. Each disk will
store up to 40 still images per disk, in
the standard mode. 
1/4" 350K Pixel Progressive Scan CCD,
330K Pixels Effective: 
The camera will automatically select the
proper shutter speed to capture fast
moving objects and freeze them in
VGA Image Resolution: 
VGA Resolution (640 x 480)
is widely used and ideal 
for emailing or uploading 
to websites.
10X Optical Zoom Lens With Auto Focus:
10x Optical Zoom Lens with
Auto Focus allows the 
camera to zoom in on distant
subjects or using the built in Macro
capability get within inches of your 
subject and focus automatically allowing
for great close-up shots.
E-Mail Mode: 
Stores a low-resolution 1⁄4
VGA (320 x 240) file in a
separate folder from the 
original image for faster Internet uploads
and downloads.
Intelligent Flash: 
Provides the appropriate amount of flash
for optimum brightness and color accuracy
in virtually any lighting condition. 
2.5" 84K Pixel LCD Display: 
What you see is what you get! A large, full
color LCD display viewfinder lets you 
preview or review your shots right on the
camera back, with great detail and clarity.
6-Mode Program AE: 
Allows quick and easy setting of proper
exposure, shutter and depth-of-field for a
variety of shooting environments. A/E
modes include: Soft Portrait, Sports
Lesson, Beach & Ski, Sunset & Moon,
Landscape, Pan Focus
Battery System with
AccuPower™ Meter and Stamina
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
battery means no "memory
effect" like other battery
types can experience. Sony's exclusive
AccuPower meter continuously displays
the battery time remaining, in minutes,
on the LCD screen.
In Camera Picture Effects (4): 
Sepia, B&W, Negative Art
and Solarization.
2X High Speed Floppy Disk Drive: 
This exclusive technology developed by
Sony allows for double the speed when
recording or playing back images.The
high-speed spindle motor combined with
DSP also allows for quicker JPEG 
Disk Copy: 
Disk Copy lets you make a copy of your
images right inside the camera. Simply
select Disk Copy from the menu with the
original disk in the camera and the 
digital Mavica camera will save images in
temporary memory. Place a blank disk in
and you will have an exact copy of all
your pictures to share with anyone.
S T E P - U P   F E AT U R E
FD Mavica
Digital Still Camera