Vivitar 3635 User Manual (en)

Number of recordable images
The values shown below are guides when recording using the same picture mode. When there are
files other than images, or when recording is made while switching the picture quality mode/record-
ing mode, the number of recordable images will vary. Furthermore, the number of recordable
images may also vary depending on the recorded subject.
Picture quality mode                 Estimated number of                         File size (estimate)
                                            recordable images (8MB card)
     SUPER FINE                          About 17 images                               About 240KB
            FINE                                About 26 images                              About 150KB
      ECONOMY                            About 68 images                              About 60KB
                                                                                   *Note: When using an SD Memory Card
Picture quality modes and number of recorded pixel
Picture quality mode       Number of recorded pixels (H) × (V)          Picture quality
     SUPER FINE                       1600 × 1200 pixels
Selecting the Recording Mode
By selecting a preset recording mode using the MODE button, the subject can be recorded in
the optimal condition. 14 modes can be selected using the 8 icons.Pressing the MODE button
will cycle through the recording modes.The selected recording mode is pointed by the arrow
icon of      on the status LCD.
During auto power-off, the setting of each mode is saved. (             Night View Portrait mode
and          Self-timer mode are canceled.)
Among the 3 picture quality modes,
this mode is superior in quality.Im-
ages consisting of about 2 million
pixels can be recorded in this mode.
Images consisting of about 1.3
million pixels can be recorded in this
Among the 3 modes,this mode al-
lows the most number of images to
be recorded.
640 × 480 pixels
1280 × 960 pixels