Vivitar 3610 User Manual (en)

Digital Camera User’s Manual 
camera is ready to take a picture or 
accept user commands, the LED will be a 
solid green color. 
 Power Button: Use this button to turn on 
the digital camera. Press the same button 
to turn it off. 
 Zoom Out Key: During playback, this key 
can be used to zoom out. If pressed 
repeatedly, Zoom Out can also be used to 
switch between thumbnail 
 and full-
screen views. 
 Zoom In Key: During playback, this key 
can be used to zoom in for a closer view of 
your picture. 
Mode Dial: Rotate this dial to select 
which mode the camera is using: Snapshot, 
Timer, Preset, Playback, or Setup. 
7.  Shutter Button: While taking pictures, use this 
button to capture a digital image. While 
navigating in the menus, use this button to 
select a menu item.  
USB Port: The USB (Universal Serial Bus) 
port is used to connect the camera to a PC 
for transferring images, and for use as a PC 
Video Camera. 
9.  Hand Strap Loop: Attach the hand strap to 
this loop for ease of carrying.