Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

The table below will help to choose the appropriate flash mode:
Flash Mode
[   ]     Fill flash (on)
The flash will always fire regardless of the surrounding
Select this mode for recording images with
high contrast (backlighting) and deep shadows.
[   ]     Flash off
The flash will not fire.
Select this mode when taking images in a
place where flash photography is prohibited,
or when the distance to the subject is beyond the
effective range of the flash.
 ]     Automatic flash
The flash fires automatically according to the ambient
lighting conditions.
Select this mode for general photography.
 ]     Red-eye reduction
The flash emits a precursor-flash before the main
flash fires. This causes the pupil in the human eye to
constrict, reducing the red-eye phenomenon.
Select this mode when taking images of people and
animals in low-light conditions.
In  [ 
 ] Macro mode and [ 
 ] Landscape mode, flash photography is not possible.
In  [ 
 ] Night Scene mode, flash photography will automatically detect the ambient lighting. If the surrounding
brightness is low, the flash will fire to [ 
 ] Red-eye reduction.
In  [ 
 ]  Sports mode, Flash mode is automatically set to [    ] Flash off.