Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Using the Macro Mode
Use [   ] Macro mode to capture a close-up of the subject, such as flowers or insects. The effective range is
between 0.6m to 1.1m.
1. Move the macro switch located on the front side of the camera to
the [   ] position.
LCD monitor will display [
 ] as Macro mode.
2. Compose your image.
3. Press the shutter button.
To disable macro photography, slide the macro switch back to the
 ] Normal mode.
In [   ] Macro mode, EV compensation, Scene mode and ISO speed cannot be set.
In [   ] Macro mode, Flash mode is automatically set to [    ] Flash off.
After a macro shot is taken DO NOT FORGET to reset the lens to the  [ 
 ] Normal position.